Discus Tank Mates

Time to learn about Discus fish!

Discus fish is very peaceful against its own species. But he is more aggressive towards other regional fishes. That's why you have to feed it with calm fish.

It's gonna fight with big fishes. It will most likely hunt the small fish.



Natural habitats are the rice fields of Asia. The size of this species varies between 4-6 cm. They can breathe through the surface of the water.

Neon Tetra

The homeland of the neon tetra fish is South America. Both carnivorous and herbivorous feeds. She can live in a mixed aquarium with peaceful fishes of her own height. It has red, black, silver, white and blue colors. Thanks to its swirling colors and peaceful character, it is preferred by aquarium lovers. It lives quite long for a tetra fish. It can live in the aquarium between 5 and 10 years. Plants must be available in the aquarium to be peaceful.


Apisto Agassizi

It is peaceful enough to be fed in the mixed aquarium. The name takes the male cockatoo from the tufted dorsal fin of the gum. Variations of different colors such as Sunset, Red, Double Red, Triple Red and Sun Spot; obtained as a result of controlled cultivation.


Bristlenose Pleco

Otocinclus affinis is a South American fish. It feeds on algae. He likes soft algae. This fish reaches a maximum size of 4 centimeters. He can go from one end of the aquarium to the other. To avoid surprise, he must be placed in the installed aquarium. He likes to live in flocks. However, the size of the herds will determine the size of the aquarium.

Corydoras Catfish


The natural habitat is streams, ponds and forest areas. It belongs to the family of armored catfish. It lives mostly on the bottom of the aquarium. Therefore, the base material should not be sharp. This fish is at most 6.5 centimeters tall. It should be fed in flocks. For a small group, at least 75(20 gallon) liters of aquarium is needed. Large swimming areas should be left in the aquarium, the water should be clean and low flow.



Gurami is a popular aquarium fish. It owes its popularity to the striking beauty of blue and orange lines. Small size, durability, easy reproduction and beautiful appearance is fed a lot. It is a peaceful fish and suitable for mixed aquariums. This fish reaches a maximum of 7.5 centimeters in paint. Females are slightly smaller than males.

Discus Tank Mates to Avoid


Discus is an imposing fish, but very delicate and vulnerable. They should not be in the same aquarium with some fish species.



Oscar fish is the neighbor of Discus fish in the Amazon basin. Oscar puppies can live with Discus. But Oscar puppies will damage the Discus when they grow up.


Piranha fish is the neighbor of the Discus fish in the Amazon basin. Discus fish does not have the teeth of Piranha fish. So the discus fish cannot defend themselves. Even if the Discus fish is larger than the Piranha in the aquarium, it should never be fed together.



The Flowerhorn fish has a very hard temperament. It is not only against the Discus fish but also against all the fish in the aquarium.



Angelfish and discus fish live in the same Amazon basin. They are the races of raiding each other. Angelfish puppies can live with discus fish. But the adult Angelfish can fight for the region with discus fish.

Angelfish can cause great damage to the eyes of discus fish.